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Targobank und Urban Sports Club Ulla Tombers Portrait

We regularly ask our corporate clients what’s changed since they introduced Urban Sports Club memberships to their company. This week we spoke to Ulla Tombers from Targobank to find out how she’s personally benefited from her membership.

Hello Ulla, would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Ulla Tombers. I work in the Learning and Development department and am responsible for organising the company training sessions.

How do you integrate sport into your everyday life?

I usually do sport after work and on the weekends.

What motivates you to do sports?

I want to stay fit, especially as I have two artificial hips and urgently need strong muscles. Sport is not a nice-to-have for me, but a real necessity. But I’m also motivated by the fact that I’ve always enjoyed doing sports! Yoga and Pilates are part of my weekly sports routine and I dance Salsa several times a month.

What positive effects does sport have on your life?

There are a few! Firstly, I become more balanced. Secondly, sport has a positive effect on my figure, it’s great for my metabolism and it helps build up strength in my legs, stomach and back which is a top priority for me.

How would you explain Urban Sports Club to colleagues who have never heard of it before?

Urban Sports Club is a network through which you can practice a wide variety of sports throughout Germany and across much of Europe. There’s also an Urban Sports Club app which allows you to organize your units flexibly – that’s great, because you can save your favorite sports clubs or yoga schools, for example. Their timetables are displayed immediately so I don’t have to spend a long time searching on the internet. We also get a great discount at Targobank, which is a big plus.

What do you enjoy most about your Urban Sports Club membership? 

Flexibility in every respect! I love being able to test different venues as I’m the sort of person who’s interested in trying different things. I’m passionate about yoga so love trying out different styles and studios. I also love spontaneity so if I’m in Mannheim, for example, I can just try out a yoga class. It means I’m location independent and it saves me money! I do sports where I live in Kaarst, but I work in Düsseldorf where I also take exercise classes. And last but not least, I can customize my contract with monthly breaks and different rates.

Why should employers invest in sports benefits?

Because ultimately, it benefits the employer if their team is fit and healthy. After all, we have a stronger immune system if we do sport regularly so we’ll be sick less often which will save the company money. So it’s literally a win-win situation! 


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