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Interview with Ole Jacobsen, Stephanie Gallasch, Clemens Denks and Jan Landgraf from Assure Consulting

Life in a management consultancy is all about a demanding customer environment, challenging projects, ever-changing locations and a never-ending to-do list. That’s why, in this business, free time is so important. Sport is the perfect way to balance a demanding job but, with so much to do, it can be difficult to find the time, especially when you’re often in different locations. So we spoke to four consultants from Assure Consulting to find out how they fit sport into their busy lives and the impact it has on their overall health and performance. 

How does sport integrate into your everyday life?

Ole: It actually works quite well. I play football in a club and always train on Thursday evenings. Usually there are games on the weekend. During the week I also go running and to the gym and, since the gyms are always open till late at night, that works well. 

Jan: I usually go training in the evening after work. Since I don’t have a problem with being active late in the day, it’s easy to combine sports and work. Usually I manage to do sports 4 to 5 times a week.

Clemens: I usually go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and I also play football. I always do that in the evening, right after work.

Stephanie: I try to do sports 2 to 4 times a week, normally it’s 2 times at the weekend and 1 to 2 times during the week. Most of the time it works well, sometimes a little less. It always depends on how much you have to do at work. But I need sport, that’s why I usually make it!

What positive effects does sport have on your job as a management consultant?

Ole: The balance is very important for me. It’s about being physically active alongside being mentally active at work. 

Jan: Sport keeps me fit and makes me feel much more healthy. It just helps me switch off and gain distance from everyday life at work. This has the positive effect that I can look at tasks and problems from a different perspective. After I workout, new possibilities and solutions often come to my mind that I probably wouldn’t have thought of if I’d continued to sit at my desk.

Clemens: It’s definitely a great stress-buster and a good way to clear my head. Even if it is difficult to get motivated sometimes, I always feel better afterwards.

Stephanie: For my job as a consultant it’s a really important compensation. I sit in the office or on the train or other means of transportation all day long so it’s super important I move around. Even if it sounds banal, sport is a good way to prevent back problems as I sit cramped in front of the keyboard all day – so I have to do something to find a balance. 

Stephanie, Clemens, Jan and Ole have shown us that sport is especially important for management consultants as it helps them find balance in their everyday life. Their profession isn’t just mentally demanding but it’s physically demanding, too. It’s not easy to find the time to take part in sports activities during their busy days, so it requires a great deal of will-power and discipline.

Anyone who manages to integrate sport into everyday life can enjoy these positive effects:

  • Strengthening of mental resilience
  • Stress relief
  • Creating a balance
  • Promotion of creativity & finding new solutions
  • Increase in energy levels

Assure Consulting has been a cooperation partner of Urban Sports Club since September 2018. Assure Consulting chose Urban Sports Club because they wanted wellness services as well as fitness options and because they have offices all over Germany. Urban Sports Club allows all of their employees to use their membership anywhere in Germany so their employees can train flexibly without being tied to a particular partner or studio. 

Jan Landgraf, Assure Consulting

“The main advantage of Urban Sports Club? That as a consultant you can train across Germany while enjoying a variety of sports. Especially for us consultants, the cross-city offer and the flexibility that comes with it are great. With one membership I can train at my two locations in Hanover and Cologne.”

Jan Landgraf, Assure Consulting


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