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by Lisa Hund
Julian Offermann soulbottles

Soulbottles is known for its strong values surrounding sustainability and sustainable consumption. Not only do they demonstrate this with their product series, but also with their employees. The company attaches great importance to employee benefits that are advantageous to their teams in the long term.

Since spring 2019, soulbottles has offered its employees an Urban Sports Club membership. We spoke to Julian Offermann from soulbottles about the reasons for the cooperation with Urban Sports Club and the lasting impacts the sports benefit has had on the company.

We want to make it easy for you. With a product that is good for everyone. From our producers to our customers to the planet we live on.

soulbottles: For a clean world

You offer your employees Urban Sports Club membership. What challenges did you face before the introduction of the sports benefit?

We had already introduced various benefits for our employees in the company before we started cooperating with Urban Sports Club. These included free lunches or a company pension plan, for example. In particular, we were still missing something in the area of health prevention, and Urban Sports Club therefore was a logical addition. As Feelgood Manager, my tasks included making sure that my colleagues enjoy working at soulbottles and offering them a cool workplace. In this context I looked around for different benefits and came across Urban Sports Club. 

“Besides the benefits already offered, Urban Sports Club was a logical addition for us.”

What convinced you that Urban Sports Club was the right choice?

I knew that some of my colleagues had already signed up with Urban Sports Club and had arranged to meet up for climbing occasionally. I myself knew Urban Sports Club as well and during our conversations I quickly realized that Urban Sports Club would be a good fit. Because of this impression I didn’t think about any other offers. The fact that the contract negotiations were done quickly and that you made the contract conditions so flexible was a big help.

Urban Sports Club offers different models of benefits. Why did you finally decide on the Health Option*?

Even though the Health Option has different conditions, it gave us the opportunity to offer the other memberships of Urban Sports Club at lower prices. This has been very well received and many of my colleagues use this discounted upgrade.

*The Health Ticket gives employees access to around 60 sports partners that include certified health courses. Each employee is allowed to attend 5 courses per month and can switch to the other memberships for an additional fee, so they can even go to the partners once a day. 

Did you get any feedback on this? Are your employees satisfied with the offer?

People love Urban Sports Club. Some of those who have not done any sports before have signed up for membership and are now enthusiastically trying out different sports. So we were able to activate just as many people who are otherwise hard to get excited about sports benefits. The much more favourable conditions were also of relevance in this context.

“I started also mentioning the cooperation in our job interviews when it comes to convincing suitable candidates of soulbottles as an employer.”

Are you equally satisfied? What was your impression of the launch of Urban Sports Club?

I am completely satisfied. Above all, I thought it was great that you were here on site and presented the cooperation and were available for questions and comments.

Urban Sports Club has been part of your corporate culture for several months now. In your opinion, has anything changed at soulbottles since the introduction of the sports benefit?

Whether there have been any changes that are directly related to Urban Sports Club, I can’t say for sure. But people come into the office in a good mood and saying they’ve just come back from swimming or climbing. Therefore I am sure that Urban Sports Club is one of the reasons for their satisfaction.

Increased employee satisfaction is just one of the advantages that comes with corporate benefits. Sustainable integration through the promotion of healthy eating and sports, as done by soulbottles, not only improves the general well-being and health of the employees but can also bring financial benefits to the company in the long term. These include, among others: 


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