How company sports can improve your working atmosphere

by Verena Kalb
improve your working atmosphere

Do your employees enjoy coming to work? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer rarely depends on salary. Open communication, respect and tolerance are values that are more likely to define employee satisfaction. And, with the added incentive of sports and wellness programs, you can actively increase the motivation of your employees by helping them achieve balance while strengthening your team.

We’ve put together three methods to show you how company sports can be used to your advantage to improve the working atmosphere:

1. Motivate employees with incentives

Currently, the labour market is characterised by a considerable shortage of skilled workers. Companies are struggling to find qualified and committed employees and, in addition to salaries and further training opportunities, incentives are becoming one of the only ways to stand out in the crowd. As a result, employees are increasingly considering what additional benefits their potential new employer will offer them beyond the job role when deciding on which position they’ll take.

Employees are increasingly considering what additional benefits their potential new employer will offer them beyond the job role when deciding on which position they’ll take.

2. Increasing your employer attractiveness and recognising individuality

Company sports are attractive for employers in many ways. The importance of health in society is becoming increasingly acknowledged, and conscious nutrition and trend sports like yoga and pilates are experiencing a real boom. Plus, taking care of yourself and living a full life alongside a job is becoming of increasing significance to employees. Reducing stress, raising endorphin levels, achieving self-imposed goals and having fun in a team with colleagues all contribute to increasing the overall happiness and satisfaction of your employees. They will be demonstrably more motivated, more stress-resistant, in a better mood, have more self-confidence, show better teamwork skills and will generally be more satisfied. All this, in turn, benefits the company and increases productivity.

Incentives help to set you apart from the competition and find qualified employees.

In addition, a great company sports program will score you huge points on the job market. Today, employee expectations have changed and skilled workers expect an additional incentive to help them decide in favour of a job. The employer therefore should take the opportunity to stand out and assert themselves from the competition with special company sports offers that will position them favourably on the market.

These days, employers are rightly placing more and more importance on work/life balance and enabling their team to enjoy a more active everyday life to even out desktime. Diversity and flexibility play an important role, especially in the corporate sports sector, so that every employee can take advantage of the sports activities that best suit him or her.

With Urban Sports Club, work/life balance becomes a WorkOUT Life Balance. Your employees can spend their downtime in a more active way, tailored to their individual needs. Some people might feel most comfortable doing team sports, while others prefer to train on their own, while others might want to plan activities with family and friends. Whether it’s fitness with colleagues, lunch break yoga or a morning swim, getting out of that sitting position and hitting the gym is a fantastic way to increase employee motivation. That’s why, as the most diverse sports offering in Europe, Urban Sports Club membership is a great way to fulfil those needs.

3. Using company sports as a team building measure

Many hands grouping up as sign for Teamwork

Team-building exercises are a great way to bring your company together and create a positive office atmosphere. These activities can range from workshops to playfully implemented internal communication. If company sports are offered, these positive effects will happen automatically, and employees will likely participate willingly and voluntarily. If, for example, a company soccer or volleyball team is formed across departments, completely new bonds are formed as employees get to know each other better outside the work environment. New contacts and networks will be created as your team unite over a passion for sports. In this way, company sports can contribute to a considerable improvement in the working atmosphere.


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