by Sarah Kotysch

A corporate fitness membership brings a multitude of benefits to both employers and employees. But how does corporate fitness actually work? And once a company has decided to incorporate it, how can they implement it?

In this article we’ll share insight into how corporate fitness works and the steps to a unique corporate fitness cooperation with Urban Sports Club. 

Advantages of corporate fitness

First, let’s talk about the multi-faceted, low-cost benefits of working with a corporate fitness provider.

Company fitness membership leads to:

1. Increased employee motivation. Today, loyal and motivated employees need more than a great salary and a company cell phone. Generations Y and Z value a positive corporate culture and recognition from their employer. Corporate benefits can therefore significantly increase motivation and productivity.

2. Employee retention. Corporate benefits increase employee loyalty and significantly reduce staff turnover. This is of great value to the company, as termination and recruitment costs will be reduced. This adds value to employer branding, which has long ceased to be a buzzword and is now recognised as the key to success for many companies when it comes to retaining top talent in the long term. 

3. Improved employee health. According to IInformationsdienst des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft (iwd), employees were sick for an average of 12.8 days in 2020 – costing companies an estimated €400 – €750 per day, depending on the industry and gross pay. However, just two hours of exercise per week can improve physical and mental health in the long term so investment in company health management is therefore extremely worthwhile.

4. Reduced costs for corporate fitness: Since companies can make use of these tax-free benefits, the cost of corporate fitness is significantly reduced. Since 2022, companies can give employees up to 600 euros a year of tax-free benefits – and this includes company fitness memberships.

How does corporate fitness work?

So now we know the advantages – how does corporate fitness actually work?

Employers can offer corporate fitness to their employees on top of a salary and choose between covering the entire cost of the fitness program or subsidizing the membership.

To offer corporate fitness, companies cooperate with a company fitness provider of their choice. 

There are various ways to do this. Companies can team up with individual fitness studios, swimming pools, yoga instructors or similar offers. However, cooperations with basic providers like this often don’t address the needs of all employees.

Large corporate fitness providers such as Urban Sports Club offer a broader selection of activities and therefore more flexibility. These corporate fitness providers partner with a variety of sports venues such as gyms, bouldering halls, swimming pools, yoga studios and much more to guarantee a suitable sports offer for every employee.

Step 1: Needs analysis for a tailor-made corporate fitness partnership

Have you decided to offer corporate fitness to your employees? Great – now let’s look at how to set up your unique cooperation in just four steps.

If your company is interested in using Urban Sports Club as a corporate fitness provider, contact us here. Our team will get in touch as soon as possible to clarify any questions, including:

  1. What are the current challenges within your company?
  2. What goals do you want to achieve with corporate fitness?
  3. Does your company already offer health-promoting measures?
  4. What sports and wellness facilities are located near your company sites?

Step 2: Finalize the cooperation agreement with Urban Sports Club

We tailor-make each agreement with every enterprise we work with to adapt to the unique challenges, needs and environment of the company. 

A cooperation agreement depends on the following factors:

  • Company fitness budget
  • Number of employees
  • Company location(s)

Step 3: On-boarding the contact person

After these details have been clarified and the cooperation agreement has been signed, on-boarding can begin. We’ll provide you with the following support:

  • On-boarding managers to provide support and answer all your questions
  • Dedicated company registration page with your logo for easy employee sign-up
  • Access to the company portal, where memberships can be managed quickly and easily by the company
  • Marketing materials for internal communication

Step 4: Employee on-boarding

Now it’s time to make your employees happy with the new corporate fitness offer! To get started:

  • Inform employees about the framework and benefits of Urban Sports Club
  • Employees then sign up for membership

Whether a team workout during a lunch break or online after work, employees can enjoy a flexible sports and wellness offer anywhere, anytime.

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