Employee motivation: how to get your team motivated

by Verena Kalb
employee motivation

Increasing employee motivation is becoming an essential issue for more and more companies. In our ever-changing world, where flexibility and diversity are a priority, the job market can be competitive. It’s therefore becoming increasingly important to retain employees by making their satisfaction a top priority. 

Why employee motivation is so important

Employees should feel comfortable in their working environment, be great team players, have above-average commitment and be able to identify with their job role. It’s therefore not surprising that the importance of employee motivation in companies continues to grow and that many resources are now being used to tackle the issue as effectively as possible.

What is employee motivation?

A motivated employee does his job willingly and with passion. He is committed and ambitious and has great internal communication, giving colleagues recognition and appreciation of their performance. An employee should have the opportunity to grow with their tasks and develop individually which increases their self-esteem and motivation. 

Motivated employees are more efficient

Motivated employees enjoy working because they feel part of a team, are ambitious and committed. They are referred to as the “engine of the company” because they play a decisive role when determining success. Value-enhancing feedback is an important part of employee motivation, because it promotes a sense of togetherness.

This sense of community does not only benefit the employees, but the entire company. Motivated employees are demonstrably more productive, more creative and, with their increased commitment, ensure reliable performance which increases sales and creates a pleasant working atmosphere.

Methods of employee motivation

Numerous companies have long recognized that sustainable, effective employee motivation consists of more than just flexible working hours and home office opportunities. Focus on offers in the areas of health promotion, fitness enhancement, nutrition and active relaxation benefits employees both physically and mentally, creating an active compensation to static desk-work.

Work Life Balance becomes WorkOUT Life Balance as the company offers its employees the option to exercise their free time. This is where Urban Sports Club, with its great variety of sports and flexibility, comes into play.

Every employee has different fitness interests. One might be more of a team player, another prefers to train alone, while another might like to try activities with their family. Plus employees with posture-related back problems can do something to relieve the pain. Whether it’s a pilates lunch break with your colleagues, a swimming session before work or a relaxing weekend of wellness – there’s a huge variety so everyone can find what they’re looking for. 

Corporate sport as a guiding principle

When an employer encourages employees to eat healthy food, exercise more and work on their fitness, it creates a win-win situation. Because employees become more efficient and more resilient, feel more valued and more motivated – and with fewer employees off sick, productivity is increased. 


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