Employee offers – 3 ways you can benefit as an employer

by Verena Kalb
Employee offers

When hearing the term “employee offers” your first associations are most likely linked to the benefits received by your current employees or future employees of the company. While these are of major importance, corporate benefits can also be very attractive for employers themselves – both in recruiting and in employee retention.
We want to show you three ways in which you as an employer can benefit from employee offers in your company:

1. Using employee offers as a recruitment tool

The labour market is exposed to constant change, and the way in which companies find their future employees adapts accordingly. The battle for new talent means companies must be innovative in order to improve their attractiveness in the labour market. More and more potential recruits are offered additional benefits due to the increasing importance of it as a decision criterion.

Especially for younger generations, salary and the job itself are no longer the only decision criteria when determining what company they want to work for.

In recent years there’s a trend amongst the younger generations that means they look for more than just high salaries and interesting roles when choosing a company.  Self-realization, enjoyment of their profession, good cooperation between colleagues, an open culture and a healthy work-life balance are the real decision-makers.

To stay ahead, companies need to make themselves more interesting with corporate benefits – otherwise they will emerge as a loser in the search for personnel and the best people will opt for other companies. These specific additional benefits show future employees your appreciation of their performance in the workplace which therefore increase the attractiveness of the employer and the corporate culture.

2. Implementing health and mobility benefits as a competitive advantage

Imagine having to choose between two jobs in the same city. The salary is almost equal and both job descriptions sound promising. One employer provides you with a free annual ticket for public transportation and low-cost company sports benefits. The other employer does not offer any corporate benefits. Which job offer will you choose?

It’s out of the question that corporate benefits can score highly on the job market, but this especially applies when the additional offers affect the mobility and health of future employees. Interest in these benefits can vary widely and employers are faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of all employees. The focus therefore should be on finding a solution that offers great variety and high flexibility in order to offer every employee what they are looking for.

3. Increasing employee’s engagement with offers

Health, sports and proper nutrition are at the top of the popularity scale for corporate benefits. Corporate sport offers promote mental health as well as physical fitness. With sufficient exercise and sports embedded in leisure time, energy level, concentration and stamina improves. Company sports are an effective way of reducing stress, counteracting physical and psychological strains and strengthening one’s own fitness. These offers make employees feel more valued and therefore strengthen the bond to the company.

When looking at the popularity of the topics in terms of corporate benefits, health, sports and nutrition are right at the top. 

Help your employees move from an unhealthy posture from sitting all day to an active and healthy lifestyle that makes them feel satisfied and productive at work – whether with yoga before work, Pilates with colleagues at lunch or wellness and spa at the weekend.


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