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We regularly ask employees of our corporate clients about what’s changed since they introduced Urban Sports Club memberships to their company and how they personally benefit from sports. This time we spoke to UX designer Anastasia Gunko.

Hi Anastasia, would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Anastasia Gunko, I am 28 years old and I work at T-Systems in Bonn as a UX designer.

What does your work routine look like?

Working in a typical office job requires a lot of time sitting down. My day usually starts at half past seven and I work an average of nine hours per day. Besides attending regular meetings and making numerous calls, I also work on designs with a graphic software.

How do you integrate sports into your everyday life? 

Before becoming a member of Urban Sports Club, I tended to exercise a lot at home with YouTube videos. Additionally, I ride my bike to work every day. In spring a friend of mine mentioned Urban Sports Club – he was so excited about the huge variety of different sport options as well as gyms you are able to use. For me, fitness opportunities are especially important. Since having an Urban Sports Club membership I’ve been using a studio that is located close to my work.

What is your motivation behind doing sports?

Honestly, I’m always pretty tense after work. That is mainly due to the large amount of sitting required within my job. Occasionally, projects don’t go as well as planned causing a lot of stress. Sports then help me to get rid of this weight. But of course aesthetic reasons also play an important role. I also really like to snack and exercising can help me make up for that a bit. It’s also nice hearing from friends that you look fit and healthy.

Being a UX designer you must be very creative. Do you think that sport positively influences your creativity?

I definitely notice some influence every now and then! In spring I was jogging a lot and that helped me come up with new ideas. But what really helps me take my mind off work is strength training.

What would you tell your colleagues are the advantages of Urban Sports Club?

Urban Sports Club offers a lot of choice, is super flexible and above all easy to use. The whole process from registration to the first training is far easier than I imagined! I think the whole concept is super convenient. Simply scan the QR code at your sports partner and immediately start working out.

Are there any activities you would like to try out with Urban Sports Club?

There are a few sports that caught my attention. One sport that seems cool and I would like to try out is boxing or kickboxing. That would also perfectly complement my strength training. Another consideration is using the boulder hall here in Bonn with my membership.

Why do you think sport is essential for people with office jobs?

One aspect that comes straight to mind is the health aspect! Especially when exposed to an environment where you need to sit all day – sport helps reverse those negative effects. Exercise can help take your mind off work and relax. Apart from that, there is also the social aspect to take into consideration.  

Do you think that’s why more and more companies offer sport benefits such as Urban Sports Club memberships? Can you think of any other reasons?

For me it’s logical because sports offers only benefit the companies. The employees stay fit which also means healthy. This leads to employees being less absent. Additionally, I think the employees are more motivated in their daily work if they have the opportunity to switch off after work. And as I mentioned earlier, sport promotes creativity.


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