​​The benefits of corporate fitness for companies and employees

by Sarah Kotysch

Companies and employees often face new challenges, especially during turbulent times. Since the pandemic began in 2020, the concept of New Work has become increasingly prevalent and presented both opportunities and challenges for companies. Many companies have focussed on maintaining team spirit and building strong corporate culture, as well as supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the workforce. As a result, more and more companies are investing in company benefits such as corporate fitness

In this article we take a closer look at the benefits of corporate fitness benefits and how they add value to workplace culture and improve the health and wellbeing of all employees.

4 corporate fitness benefits for your employees

1. Corporate fitness benefits: Physical fitness and mental health

Illness caused by lack of exercise and mental stress are among the most common reasons for days absent from work. Corporate fitness is proven to prevent both physical and mental ailments. 

Regular exercise improves the cardiovascular system, prevents musculoskeletal disorders and reduces obesity. In addition, physical fitness has a positive effect on the psyche and mental health. Meditation or mindfulness-based stress management are becoming increasingly popular and are particularly effective alongside a regular fitness routine. 

2. Corporate fitness benefit: Improved work-life balance

Work-life balance is one of the most important contributing factors to employee satisfaction. According to a study by Urban Sports Club and YouGov, 68% of respondents said that flexible work schedules and a focus on work-life balance is critical to them. Flexibility and autonomy therefore significantly increases employer attractiveness. 

Sports and wellness offers endorse this culture as they help employees switch off during their lunch break or provide an incentive to finish work on time. 

3. Corporate fitness benefit: Increased motivation and team cohesion

A company fitness program increases team cohesion and helps colleagues bond with each other. This positive attitude translates back to the office and work projects. After all, if your team regularly cheers each other on during sports, the same will happen during work hours as well.

4. Corporate fitness benefit: More resilience and decreased stress

Strengthening relationships within the team helps build resilience, while positive interactions with colleagues and a supportive environment improves employee performance and emotional well-being.

Employees who are mindful and exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from fatigue, anxiety and stress. This decreases the likelihood of conflict in the workplace and improves the work environment.

4 Corporate fitness benefits for companies

1. Corporate fitness benefit: Less absenteeism and increased efficiency

A lack of exercise amongst employees leads to chronic diseases and high absenteeism. If a company wants to reduce the number of sick days and save costs, corporate fitness is a fantastic solution.

Improved health and mindset increases productivity which will financially benefit your company.

2. Corporate fitness benefit: Positive corporate culture and working atmosphere

Nowadays, employees value a healthy corporate culture and employer appreciation. Employee benefits are a great way to express gratitude for your team and improve company culture. When workers feel valued, they are more motivated and more positive which builds a resilient company culture. 

Give your team time and space to exercise or meditate for 30-45 minutes within their daily work hours. This will improve team spirit and the working atmosphere.

3. Corporate fitness benefit: Increased employee loyalty and reduced staff turnover

With the battle for talent raging, employee retention is a crucial component for the success of a company. Staff turnover and recruitment costs are immense, however employees expect more than a good salary and a company phone. Younger generations value a positive corporate culture and appreciation from their employer.

Corporate benefits strengthen employee loyalty. 

4. Corporate fitness benefit: Increased employer attractiveness and positive employer branding

Employers can only prevail in the war for talent if they offer additional employee benefits, such as a company health promotion program. This will help companies become an “Employer of Choice” and attract new talent. 

There’s no doubt corporate fitness increases employee health and promotes a positive corporate culture at the same time, which is why health management measures have gone from a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have.” Each corporate fitness cooperation differs for every company, depending on factors such as size and objectives. If you’re ready to promote health in your workplace by introducing corporate fitness to your company, get in touch with Urban Sports Club.

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