Corporate fitness online: a hybrid sports offer for a hybrid working world

by Sarah Kotysch

Just two years ago, online sports offers were a rarity. Yes, YouTube videos from fitness influencers were on the rise, but live online sports classes were virtually non-existent. But when our lives got  turned upside down, so did our sports behavior. 

Read on to learn more about online corporate fitness and how it can benefit your team.

A necessary addition to online corporate fitness

These days, in the New Normal, employees divide their work-time between the office and their homes. Employee expectations have changed along with their working habits, which means companies need to adapt to the new reality, even when the pandemic is behind us. The future of the working world is hybrid, and corporate fitness must adapt accordingly.

A hybrid fitness offer will help employees incorporate sports into their everyday lives, whether working from home or the office. During the pandemic, people left cities because it was no longer necessary to live close to the office. The suburbs and the countryside don’t have the same infrastructure as larger cities, which means there are fewer fitness centers, yoga studios and gyms. In order for all employees to benefit from company fitness, online options need to be part of the offer. 

Online corporate fitness: what’s it all about?

Before the pandemic, most corporate fitness offers were on-site, but the crisis caused a rapid change in the fitness industry. Suddenly, thanks to lockdowns, there was huge demand for online sports offers. Corporate fitness providers and sports partners worked together to create an attractive online sports solution.

The following popular online fitness concepts have become an integral part of the future of sports:

Live online classes

Live online classes are similar to regular classes, except they take place live and from the comfort of your home. These classes are not pre-recorded. Instead, the trainer shows up at the same time as you do, guiding participants through exercises in front of the camera. Participants can ask questions and get feedback from the coach if necessary.

Hybrid classes

Hybrid classes are similar to live online classes, however they take place in parallel on-site at the studio and online. The training session is broadcast online for those who prefer to avoid direct contact or cannot participate because they live in another city. This is great for many fitness providers, as it increases reach and allows more participants to join the session.

On-Demand classes

On-Demand classes differ from live online and hybrid classes because they’re pre-recorded. This means you can train anywhere and at any time. If you’re experiencing jet-lag or are unable to sleep, an On-Demand class is the perfect way to tire yourself out. On-demand videos give you the flexibility to train whenever you want.

Sports for online corporate fitness

Not all sports can be enjoyed online, like swimming, tennis or bouldering. Nevertheless, online fitness covers a wide range of sports, the most popular of which is yoga. Yogis only need a yoga mat to be guided through the asanas by their teacher.

Other popular sports for online corporate fitness include:

  • Pilates
  • Fitness training classes such as legs, bums and tums
  • Weight training classes such as BodyPump
  • High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Meditation
  • Dancing

In general, sports that require little equipment, or equipment that most people have at home, are suitable for online corporate fitness. 

Online corporate fitness at Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club started building its online offer shortly after the pandemic began. It’s since become an important part of our diverse sports and wellness offer, and has proven to be hugely beneficial to members. Around 12 to 15 percent of Urban Sports Club’s check-ins take place online. 

Book Live Online classes directly in the Urban Sports Club app or via web browser. Simply enter the desired sport and time and set the filter to “live online classes” to see a large selection of suitable sports and fitness classes.

As well as Live Online classes, Urban Sports Club’s digital content team creates professional on-demand classes with popular sports partners. Launched in early 2021, this offer is a response to feedback from members who want their workouts to be flexible in terms of time as well as location. Urban Sports Club’s On-Demand classes can be accessed via the website – simply log in and select “On-Demand classes.”

As you can see, online corporate fitness is advantageous for a hybrid workplace. If you want to offer your team online and on-site classes, get in touch and learn more about Urban Sports Club’s flexible and comprehensive corporate fitness offer.

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