Employee Tuesday – What does a Working Student do?

by Alena Diduch

Why did you choose Urban Sports Club as an employer during your studies?

As a sports management student, I started looking for a suitable job in my third semester and quickly came across Urban Sports Club. A young company with a start-up culture and sporty colleagues. From the beginning I was treated as an important part of the team.

You are the Co-founder of the Startup League. What was your purpose there?

In my first year at Urban Sports Club I worked in the Corporate Team-Sports Team. Among other things, we organized a corporate soccer league (Urban Sports League) where I was able to gain a lot of experience in event planning and implementation. During the Corona Pandemic the Team-Sports department of the Urban Sports Club was closed. Together with a former colleague we decided to found a non-profit sports club for the promotion of company sports and to independently build up a company soccer league. The idea of the StartUp League was born.

What does a Customer Success Manager actually do and how did you experience studying & working during corona?

At the beginning of 2020, I moved to the Customer Success Management team. Since then, I have been responsible for onboarding new corporate clients. In the B2B onboarding team, we conduct customer meetings, create marketing materials that the companies use for internal communication and present the product to the employees of our cooperation customers. But smaller projects and analyses also fall into my area of responsibility. 

I was grateful to be able to continue working during the pandemic, even though studying, working, exercising and sleeping in a shared apartment was not always easy. With various online formats and get-togethers with our Customer Success Team, the team spirit was also kept high during the time in the home office.  

How do you stay sane with all these different workloads?

I try to create structures for myself and choose different environments for the variety of tasks. 

Since it’s possible to go to the office again, I usually come here to work. To study I go to the library and with the StartUp League we also have a small office where I can exchange ideas with my Colleague about the League. I also do sports regularly and take advantage of the opportunity to work from other cities. 

When you think about the USC values, which value would you like to add personally if you could?

The Urban Sports Club Value “Surf on the wave of change” sums up a lot. A lot has happened since my time at Urban Sports Club. Especially because of the pandemic, the sports world has changed again. New trend sports are created and healthy lifestyles are spreading. 

Since the sport of surfing is often very selfish, but I am also a passionate surfer, I would add to the value: Not every wave is good for surfing, let’s surf the good waves together.

Thanks for the Interview Tarik!

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