Employee Tuesday – What does an IT Operations Team Lead do?

by Alena Diduch

You recently joined USC as IT Operations Team Lead in the middle of a pandemic. Tell us your story!

About five years ago when I was in India I couldn’t have imagined myself living in Germany and working at a firm like USC. I’m a long way from home, and my life became even more of a rollercoaster when COVID hit in the 2nd year of my life in Germany – just like in a Sci-Fi movie. I won’t say I’ve enjoyed the pandemic ride, but I am glad I got a brilliant opportunity at Urban Sports Club as I love the company and the role is exactly what I was looking for. The world is learning to adapt to the new normal and so am I. 

How does your role in IT work seeing as most departments work remotely?

The pandemic has been challenging and has its pros and cons for the IT Industry. It’s challenging to deliver our service to both internal and external stakeholders, but we have evolved our technology and discovered new ways to work and support remotely. However, this means the personal touch has been lost so I’m looking forward to balancing that aspect. 

What drives you nuts about your job? 🙂

I use a lot of technology in my job which should actually work. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work for no reason and I’m not able to provide my service or solutions. But working with people is a big part of my job and I enjoy getting to know the wide range of people, departments and industries that operate within Urban Sports Club.

How do you keep a smile on your face in difficult situations like being mid-pandemic with a small team? 

There’s no secret. I’m a confident and passionate person because I do what I love. Plus I’m surrounded by positive and passionate people and I enjoy providing solutions that make my peers happy. Resolving difficult problems and putting a smile on my colleague’s faces is what keeps me going.

Which of USC’s values do you feel most connected to and why?

All USC’s values are crucial as they’re well defined, considered and each value helps you evolve and grow. I feel most connected to “challenge yourself and others” because this directly relates to my personal values. This is something that I completely believe in because challenges help you grow and without growth, there’s no success. A true master is an eternal student.

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