Employee Tuesday – What does a Senior VP International & Managing Director do?

by Marie Terhechte

What does a typical day as ​​Senior VP International & Managing Director look like?

My main responsibility is to direct and coordinate our international activities, ensuring there’s solid communication between countries and HQ, and enabling best practices to reach our targets locally.

I wouldn’t say I have a typical working day because no day is the same – but I really enjoy the versatility!

I spend about half my time working directly with my team of managing directors or department heads in our 6 international countries, with 25-30% on French-related sales negotiations and the rest on strategy or other transversal/group projects.

Some time ago you did an exchange program in India. We’d love to hear about some of your experiences there!

I really loved spending 6 months in India (in 2007!) and I’ve been back many times since then. India is a country of a billion entrepreneurs, so the energy there is awesome!

I remember the Indian Tourism office had a slogan which summed up my experience: “Incredible India – everything is possible.”

This experience helped me look at any situation without judgment, take a step back and use innovative thinking to solve issues.

When it comes to your role – what is your “why?”

My “why” is our mission: inspiring people to be more active and more balanced in their everyday lives thanks to sports. 

These past 2 years have been particularly challenging for mental and physical health. Our offer is the ideal solution to help individuals and companies support their employees’ wellbeing.

At our partner venues I often hear people explain how great Urban Sports Club’s offer is. This gives me energy every day 🙂

What’s on your 5 year bucket list?

Professionally, I aim to grow international markets and enjoy sports in dozens of different countries!

Personally, I like challenging myself but above all I LOVE surprises. For example, next week for our 10 year wedding anniversary my husband and I are going on holiday… but we don’t know the destination or the plan!

If you could add a personal value to one of Urban Sports Club’s company values, what would you add and why?

I really like our company values because they apply to everyday situations. But if I could explore one value further it would be “Put yourself in the shoes of others.” As an extension of this, I’d like to explore the playground of multiculturalism further.

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