Employee Tuesday – What does a Office Manager do?

by Alena Diduch

You recently joined USC as Junior Office Manager in the Berlin headquarters. What’s a typical day like for you and how was it starting during corona?

I had a very warm welcome. My team lead Nadine was super helpful and very kind – she did everything to make me feel comfortable and taught me a lot. She gave me so many side notes and tips that I was prepared for almost every possible situation 🙂 

My work is different almost every day, so I don’t have a typical routine. I check my email and check people into Fitogram. We prepare snacks and ice tea for breakfast and check the coffee machine is working. During the day I answer any questions or queries and check and prepare meeting rooms. I’m responsible for our newbies and help prepare their onboarding packages once or twice a week. I also work with Nadine to help plan team events. 

What is most challenging about your job? 

Not knowing what the day will look like. Sometimes I’m busy all day long and others it’s much quieter.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy working with other people and the Urban Sports Club community is great. I like organizing and planning and my previous roles in the hotel industry taught me many transferable skills that I can apply to this role – but instead of guests to look after I have colleagues. I love to get creative through baking and cooking and bring my creations into the office to make my colleagues feel comfortable and looked after. It’s my job to make people feel good, even if I do have to enforce a few rules now and then. 

Which of USC’s values do you feel most connected to?

All our values are important and work well together, but I feel most connected to .

“Put yourself in the shoes of others.” This makes us more compassionate towards our colleagues and helps us understand other people’s situations. This is crucial as we all have to work together to communicate and keep our team spirit strong. 

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