Employee Tuesday – What does a Customer Care Agent do?

by Alena Diduch

Ilaria, what are your responsibilities as CuCa agent?

As a customer service agent, my primary responsibility is to take care of our members, answer their questions and concerns, help solve problems that may occur and always try to find a solution that meets their needs. 

How did you experience the pandemic and how has your job changed since? Are customer experiences and requests different now?

I joined Urban Sports Club right in the middle of the pandemic, so although a lot of people experienced changes in their role, for me it’s been the same since day one. A big (and positive) change I’m experiencing now is that it’s finally possible to do sports again. It means customer demands have changed and members are much more relaxed now they can enjoy their favorite studios again.

What do you enjoy most about your job? And why do you love being a CuCa agent and what makes this the right job for you?

First and foremost, I love our product which makes me very comfortable interacting with members. Also, I believe it’s important to follow one’s natural predispositions when choosing a profession. On several occasions I’ve been told that I have “Red Cross Syndrome” because I love to take care of others, so I thought I’d make a living from it 😉

Which USC value do you feel most connected to?

“Leave your ego at the door” is the most important value for me. We all have egos and always will, but sometimes it can take over other parts of our lives in subtle ways. I think it’s very important to know how to recognize it, to observe it carefully and not let it lead us. For me, it’s very difficult and I constantly need to re-centre. Working with the public is great ego training – because when I see ego in someone else, in reality it is my own.

Your turn! Pick a question you’d like to answer or you think is interesting 🙂

Good idea! I choose “Who would you like to thank for the experience so far?” 

I’m onboarding for a new position in the Customer Care department in August and I’d like to thank my wonderful Team Leader, Nathali. She’s a total pleasure to work with and she’s supported me from the beginning. I’d also like to thank all the wonderful people I have met so far in this company – I’ve learnt a lot from all of you – and I’m delighted to work in such a positive atmosphere.

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