Urban Sports Club’s Internal Corporate Values and Employee Tuesday

by Alena Diduch
usc team

Urban Sports Club is more than a fitness concept. Our offering has flourished into a mindset and a way of life, both for our employees and our members. We value diversity, versatility, flexibility and spontaneity. We’re open-minded and unafraid to try new things and we’ll always find a way to stay connected even if there’s a pandemic in the way. Our internal corporate values and new LinkedIn interview series encapsulate all this and more – read on to find out how.

What are internal corporate values?

Internal corporate values are the set of beliefs on which a business culture is based. These differ for every company and often encapsulate both the company culture, the way employees are treated and the aims and purposes of the product. Urban Sports Club’s product is all about putting health first, having fun, finding balance and trying new things, so naturally our values reflect that. 

What are Urban Sports Club’s internal corporate values?

Our values define how we work together as a team in order to achieve our goals. We see them as tactics just as much as values because they impact the way employees relate to the company and to each other.

Surf on the wave of change

We accept that change is an essential part of our business and the best way to stay on top is to continuously adapt, keep an open mindset and stay flexible. This is key not only to the success of the business, but to the happiness of our team. Our corporate mindset is all about being creative, pragmatic and agile – because things move and change fast, so we need to stay on our toes!

Put yourself in the shoes of others

And treat everyone as though they’re a customer – with kindness, attentiveness and respect. Ask questions, listen and understand what drives and challenges them. Only then can you truly respect their viewpoint. In order to learn from each other we need to appreciate our differences. Creating space for different perspectives, ideas and viewpoints only enhances our creativity.

Embrace vulnerability

Embracing vulnerability might be one of the most challenging tactics we have. Vulnerability shows strength and courage, not weakness. Openly sharing your doubts and feelings wins you support and encouragement when needed. In turn, extend that empathy to others. Recognise they have the best intentions and trust them to do their job well. When we are authentic and show ourselves to be vulnerable, it helps others feel comfortable communicating their own thoughts. This helps build an unbreakable team spirit and brings the best out of people which shines through in their work.

Leave your ego at the door

Collaboration is everything and there’s no I in team. Leave your ego at the door and continuously seek to learn about yourselves and others. Self-confidence is healthy, but don’t place your own goals above those of the team and let others shine

Take ownership

Don’t sit on the bench and just watch the game happen. Be an active player and impose your influence on the game. Ask questions, challenge the norm, commit to high standards and meet your deadlines. Be reliable and deliver on your promises from kick-off to final whistle!

Challenge yourself and others

If you want to be the best, never stop pushing your limits. This applies to fitness and to work. We drive our team forward with quick decisions, constant innovation, speed and balance. We aren’t afraid to experiment and we aren’t afraid to fail. It means we get better every day!

Why are these values important to us?

Because they encapsulate everything we stand for as a company. These internal values are the single biggest influence on our company culture and define how we behave internally as well as how team leads and management treat employees and how colleagues treat each other. Our internal values encourage open communication, honesty, creativity and authenticity. They’re designed to get the best out of the individual and the team as a whole which creates a positive, supportive and light-hearted work atmosphere. 

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