Employee Tuesday – What does a Team Lead Sales Operations do?

by Marie Terhechte

Hey Marvin, you currently have two roles –  Interim Team Lead Inside Sales & Team Lead Sales Operations. How did you get here?

I started in January 2020 in the newly established Inside Sales Team. Because the team was completely new, structures, processes and reporting weren’t in place yet so I helped my boss set up operations and took over some of these areas. When my boss left the company in March this year I was offered the team lead position, which I gratefully accepted.

I continued to work on operational processes, and when it was time to set up the new Sales Operations team, I decided to take on this challenge as I feel this is where my strengths lie. I have continued to lead Inside Sales and support the team, and am currently handing over to the new team lead who started in November.

When it comes to working, what are your strengths and what do you find challenging? 

I enjoy working with people, I have a good logical understanding and I love statistics. This allows me to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in processes and then work on them. 
It was impossible to cover all the areas I wanted to when working across two teams, so I quickly learnt how to compromise.

If you had one wish to make life easier, what would it be? (Can be personal or work related).

After much thought, I can’t think of anything that would directly affect me as I take life as it comes. But I would like it to be easier to find an apartment in Berlin… 

What is your favorite Urban Sports Club value? How do you incorporate it into your daily life? 

I think all our values are important, but if I had to choose one it would be Take Ownership.

I am a big fan of taking ownership of projects and initiatives and communicating along the way, regardless of whether it’s going well or not. I always try to be as transparent as possible because the experience helps you grow in the long run.

Like answering these questions, for example, which I enjoyed writing but submitted way too late.

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