Employee Tuesday – What does a Quality Specialist do?

by Marie Terhechte

Which aspects of your job as Quality Specialist stand out most?

Every day my job gives me opportunities that correspond with my nature: to take a closer look, to put myself in the shoes of others, and to help. It’s brilliant that I can help my colleagues and Urban Sports Club members every day.

By scoring – i.e. evaluating the responses of our fabulous customer experience agents to inquirers – I help identify and flag inconsistencies and deviating or missing processes.

To do this successfully, I need an overview of all active processes, topics and guidelines in the Customer Experience Team and Urban Sports Group.

Flexibility is a big part of my role, and Corona has truly tested this aspect of work for all of us over the last 20 months. 

My role also requires me to give and accept feedback – for example, giving the agents tips and suggestions that support them in their daily work and vice versa. This makes me part of the process of providing the best possible support to the Customer Experience team, and through them making members’ experience with Urban Sports Group a fantastic one.

Congratulations, you just got re-elected for the Employee Participation Board! Why did you sign up and what are your plans for the upcoming term? 

I joined the EPB because I love to help. I felt (and still do) that the Employee Participation Board is fantastic for the whole company and every employee in the group. It acts as a safe haven which is so valuable.

I also joined because I want to challenge, learn and develop myself. Being in the EPB is a wonderful way to do that.

Next term I plan to continue making the EPB more accessible and visible by making it a strong, consistent part of the Urban Sports Group and building a bridge for the naturally occurring gaps between employee, leads, MD’s and even the Executive board.

What’s your favourite thing to do after work?

I love to pick my son up from kindergarten and go for a walk. I also love to take some ‘me-time’ – but, I mean, who doesn’t, right? I like to bake something healthy. I’m not very good at it (yet), and the results are sometimes questionable, but I am improving and now I can eat something sweet(ish) without the bad conscience or sugar rush 😉 

You’ve gained experience in several positions over the last few years – what motivated you to continue your journey as a Quality Specialist?

In the past, helping and communicating have been at the centre of my roles.

The most important thing for me though is being able to help and support the Customer Experience team in the best way possible, which feels pretty natural to me. I like using my skills in this way, and using my experience to learn and evolve even further. 

Which of our six values is most important to you and why?

All of our values are very powerful, so it’s hard for me to choose here. But, I have to go with ‘Embrace vulnerability.’

We live in a world where the best/strongest/richest (you name it) person is valued the most. Not everyone can be the best though, and often striving for or achieving this comes with a huge price tag.

I believe in showing vulnerability so that others around us can do the same, and can see we’re all humans. We may all behave differently but we’re also alike in many ways. We all have problems, we all struggle, and we should all be able to fully enjoy our individual lives and those wonderful moments that lift us up. And little by little, society might start to value those that are most healthy and most themselves. 

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