Employee Tuesday – What does a Performance Marketing Team Lead do?

by Marie Terhechte

Kingsley, what are your responsibilities and what do you enjoy most about your role as Performance Marketing Team Lead?

As a Performance Marketing Team Lead in a growing company I have the opportunity to build and manage a strong and competent team to support our member growth targets in all our active markets across Europe by implementing a digital cross-channel performance and data driven strategy for efficient user acquisition.

What I enjoy most about my current role is the fact I can develop team management skills and still be hands-on with operational tasks and therefore grow my knowledge in this very fast-changing and dynamic digital marketing ecosystem.

Would you say a company needs Performance Marketing and if so, what are your thoughts on that?

Absolutely true. Performance Marketing is a game changer in our digital era and should play an important role in any business that wants to grow in an efficient way. Performance driven marketing means results can be tracked and optimized based on key performance indicators.

How do you feel about our new hybrid work mode? How does it impact your team structure?

The current hybrid work policy is going well, as we have fixed days that we all try to be in the office and have physical interaction with each other as well as informal team activities such as team lunches etc. I’m a big fan of the hybrid mode policy – most candidates I’ve interviewed recently have been working entirely remotely, and are super excited about the hybrid work option. 

Which of our company values has the greatest impact on your life?

I believe all the company values are very important and I think about them regularly. However, I would say ‘challenging yourself and others’, ‘taking ownership’, ‘putting yourself in the shoes of others’ and ’embracing vulnerability’ plays a key part in my life. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes – I’d like to recommend Urban Sports Group as an employer. Urban Sports Club has given me the opportunity to develop professionally and most importantly feel proud of how my work helps change the way people do sports.

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