Employee Tuesday – What does a Chief Sales Officer do?

by Marie Terhechte

Dennis, you recently joined Urban Sports Club as the new Chief Sales Officer in our Berlin headquarters. What made you choose Urban Sports Club?

Well, I would say it was a combination of many factors. First of all the great team behind Urban Sports Club and its amazing spirit. I met so many incredibly smart and cool people that really love working for the company and believe in the product. I mean Urban Sports Club is one of the coolest brands – who wouldn’t love working for us? 😉
Secondly the product itself and the opportunities on the market. We’re addressing many important business KPIs with our solution and there’s huge demand for sport aggregators on the market, so we have no doubt we’ll continue to grow year on year.
Thirdly, the scale-up stage of the company. We combine the best of both worlds: start-up and corporate business. That means we have great structure and processes with the flexibility to stay agile. Plus we’re supported by a wide variety of great investors. 

When you introduced yourself to the company, you said that your goal is to build revenue with a people first strategy. What does “people first” mean to you?

I truly believe and have experienced that successful companies need a great product and great people behind it. A successful revenue-driven organization needs fully committed and passionate people and that’s something that can only be achieved if you build a company culture where people (employees) feel respected, valued and supported.

How would you describe the ideal working environment?

An environment where people get respect, value and support. To me personally it’s about having the space and the opportunity to make a real impact.

Which is your favorite Urban Sports Club cultural value and why?

It’s difficult for me to choose between them as they are all important and deserve attention but I can definitely relate to ’surf the wave of change.’
Nothing bores me more than being stuck in the status quo. I love change and I love to shake things up, so I’d say that this motto sums up my life outside the office as well as inside! 

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