Workplace health promotion: How to successfully implement a corporate fitness concept [PDF]

Healthy, motivated and productive employees are the be-all and end-all for corporate success. But companies often face major challenges in this regard. There is a great shortage of skilled workers, which is why it is not always easy to recruit suitable talent for one’s own company. And even if qualified employees are part of the company, it is important to retain them. Because nowadays employees expect more than a good salary or a company mobile phone.

In order to strengthen the health, motivation and performance of the workforce and at the same time become an “employer of choice”, more and more companies are investing in additional employee benefits – such as a company fitness concept. After all, in addition to health-promoting measures related to nutrition or stress management, sport contributes significantly to well-being at the workplace.

However, the introduction of health-promoting measures is not only about the benefits for employees – companies also benefit greatly from them. Benefits such as corporate fitness have thus evolved from a “nice-to-have” to a crucial must-have for companies of all sizes.

In this eBook, we take a closer look at what health-promoting measures are available and how suitable offers can be introduced step by step in the company. We also take a detailed look at the added value that the introduction of a corporate fitness concept brings for companies and employees.

Download our exciting e-book now for free and learn more about the following topics:

  1. Workplace health promotion – definition & benefits
  2. Workplace health promotion – choosing the right measures & implementation
  3. Company fitness concept – How does company fitness work and what added value does it bring?
  4. Company fitness as part of a holistic health promotion concept