Your employees in focus: adjusting to the new normal with company sports

by Verena Kalb
Your employees in focus: adjusting to the new normal with company sports training image

We’re all getting used to the “new normal”. The corona crisis has undoubtedly made a mark and we’re experiencing a lot of change. This is particularly noticeable in working life, with many companies looking for new solutions and making structural adjustments in order to maintain their corporate success.

But ultimately, the key to success is your employees. Their needs are more important than ever at the moment and due to everything that’s happened in the last few months, they might feel insecure and under pressure. With targeted employer branding, you can strengthen your employees in the long term, increase their motivation and boost company loyalty. 

Current challenges for companies

Many companies are currently undergoing reconstruction. Bit by bit companies are trying to find their way back to their old form, but it’ll soon become clear that this is the new normal, and adapting to the circumstances as best as possible is crucial.

Making employees the key focus is integral. This means that companies should integrate sustainable solutions in order to retain valuable employees, keep them motivated and strengthen the team spirit in the long term. The workforce might still be reduced, which is why the performance of each employee is all the more important. The more effective the work results, the more successful the company is.

Current challenges for employees

Right now, you should rely on your employees and recognize their needs. However, they are currently facing some challenges:

  • Social isolation: 45% of employees in long-term home office struggle with loneliness. Those who are lonely can feel demotivated quickly.
  • High psychological stress: Almost 50% of all people in Germany feel threatened by the corona crisis and claim to be mentally stressed.
  • Lack of exercise: Insufficient exercise in home office situations can cause lasting damage to the physical and mental health of your employees.
  • Lack of exchange with colleagues: Studies show that people who are in regular contact with their colleagues, talk to them during breaks and establish contact, are up to 20% more productive.
  • Work-life balance: 72% of employees said they felt bad when they took a conscious break and did something for themselves.

Company sport as a solution

A sports benefit will help you reduce the challenges your employees are experiencing and stabilize them in times of change. 

Show them your appreciation and you’ll keep valuable talent in your company. With Urban Sports Club’s Employee Benefit, you will become an Employer of Choice in the job market and will also attract new, motivated team members. 

Teamwork and team building are also important. With Urban Sports Club you can train as a team and maintain your sense of community. The ability to work as a team also has a positive effect on efficiency and productivity.

A good work/life balance also increases productivity. The attractive benefits of Urban Sports Club help your employees to feel fulfilled and satisfied. They then approach upcoming work tasks with this positive attitude.

Sport keeps people both physically and mentally fit which demonstrably reduces sick leave. 

Meditation and yoga courses support mental health, while cross-training and HIIT help reduce stress.

Family Sport

5 ways in which you can focus on your employees with company sports

  1. Sport will strengthen your employer branding by offering a modern corporate benefit.
  2. You’ll increase employee loyalty as a result of the company benefit
  3. By getting fit together you’ll promote team building in your company
  4. The right work/life balance has a positive effect on employee health
  5. Strong employees are motivated and productive which will help your organisation as a whole get used to the new normal quickly.

As a flexible sports flat rate, Urban Sports Club offers your employees a large and varied range of services: from fitness, yoga, swimming and climbing to team sports and wellness offers. Members can compile their individual training plan from over 50 sports and more than 8,000 partner locations throughout Europe and check-in for sports via smartphone app. With Urban Sports Club, you can help your employees lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Urban Sports Club’s sports benefit helps you attract employees, retain valuable talent, promote team building and thus generate greater business success, which is crucial in these times of change. 

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