10 CEOs Pioneering Corporate Health and Wellness

by Urban Sports Club
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A company’s culture begins and ends with the CEO. If the leader of your company is not supporting your programs, the programs will likely fizzle away before they can gain steam.

The same is true with creating a company culture focused on employee health and well-being. It is an initiative that CEOs must lead. The good news is most CEOs are embracing it. A recent study cited in CEO magazine found that 60% of CEOs considered mental health at work as their top priority. 

That being said, CEOs are also under a lot of pressure to reach financial goals. Putting employee health and wellness at the forefront requires a CEO who truly cares about their workforce.

Studies from Gallup and the Centers for Disease Control support these CEOs, showing that high employee well-being boosts engagement, lowers absenteeism, and improves product quality. All of this leads to higher profits and shareholder value.

We have compiled a list of 10 visionary CEOs who are leading the way to a more caring and empathetic corporate culture. 

10 CEOs pioneer Corporate Health And Wellness

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